The Artist Society


Eromnim3 is a member of The Artist Society. TAS are a group of independent artists from different corners around the globe that joined together to create a non-profit animated short film.
Below is a link to the soundscape that we did for one of the four islands that are in the film. Enjoy and share.

TAS are still open for volunteers who wishes to contribute their skills in writing, concept art, 3D graphics, 2D digital art, animation, music , sound editing, voice-overs or whatever you think can contribute to the film.A minimum of 1 hour up to 10 hours a week is all we allow for everyone to contribute their time and they normally do this at the comfort of their home.

If interested, you can fill up the application form at this link:

For more information, you can visit our site at:

or you can follow us on our FB page: