Happy 60th Mick


In memory of the life of our hero Mick Karn, we have made a video to go with our favourite track "7 Years Gone" from our recent album UVB76.

We hope you like it.

Thanks for the inspiration Mick.

New Album release - UVB76


We are pleased to announce the release of our new album, UVB76.

Sonic soundscapes created to aid the dreamer.

The album is available for streaming or high quality download at our Bandcamp page.

Special thanks to Hummingbird Illustrations for the original artwork used on the album and promotional video. 

A little video providing a flavour of the tracks on the new album.

My Rode Reel 2017


Another year another Rode Reel competition.

When the boyfriend of a gangster's daughter appears on the scene, the gangster is less than thrilled by the prospect of a new son-in-law. A sequel to the 2016 short film , Taken Care of Right follows up on the story of Gangster Jack and his daughter Karen.This is another soundscape created for Rampant Film Production.Not only can you enjoy the actual film, but you get to enjoy some BTS (Behind The Scene) footage. Enjoy.


2016 Has Ended


2016 was a memorable year for all the wrong reasons.

During our normal Christmas recording session this track developed, and took a Grim Reaper turn. 
It was not a good year. Lets hope 2017 is a better one.

Seventh Wave Electronica Radio Show


If you are a fan of electronica, then give this radio show a listen.


This weeks show has the added benefit of some Eromnim3.

Happy Listening.

My RODE Reel 2016


Eromnim3 have once again teamed up with Rampant Film Production to create "Taken Care Of..", a short film for the world's largest short film competition 'My RODE Reel'.


A gangster asks his idiotic henchman to sort out his daughter’s date. Sadly, the henchman misinterprets his boss’ request. "

The competition also has an audience section, so feel free to go over to the RODE site and vote.

Voting closes on 1 July 2016.



48HFP 2013


Tonight we are attending the world premiere of our 48 Hour Film Project film for 2013. It is called "Proverbs 16:33". As well as creating the soundscapes for the film we were involved in the writing. 

Our screening is on Tuesday at the Glasgow Film Theatre. 
Click the link below for a trailer. We will put up a link once it is released.


This is our second year with the 48HFP, and would recommend everyone to look to see if their city does one. 

The Artist Society


Eromnim3 is a member of The Artist Society. TAS are a group of independent artists from different corners around the globe that joined together to create a non-profit animated short film.
Below is a link to the soundscape that we did for one of the four islands that are in the film. Enjoy and share.

TAS are still open for volunteers who wishes to contribute their skills in writing, concept art, 3D graphics, 2D digital art, animation, music , sound editing, voice-overs or whatever you think can contribute to the film.A minimum of 1 hour up to 10 hours a week is all we allow for everyone to contribute their time and they normally do this at the comfort of their home.

If interested, you can fill up the application form at this link: http://alturl.com/jh3qv

For more information, you can visit our site at: http://www.theartistsociety.org

or you can follow us on our FB page: http://www.facebook.com/theartistsociety

Rainbow Cups


The latest new project for Eromnim3 is called Rainbow Cups. This is based on a script by Ian Hendry, done as part of the Glasgow Film Crew. Check out their Facebook page here. Filming has been done already, see some pictures on Facebook page.

"Realscapes would be the perfect addition to any musical experience" - Flicker

by Mhairi Smith | @JupiterLass

It's unusual, certainly, to be presented in the way that Eromnim3 seem to have presented themselves. Actively seeking out to create songs for video games, photography and film, Eromnim3 have made it their goal to create what they deem "soundscapes" for media outlets, as well as for "dreamers".

The band is made up of John P Boyle and Frank McDade.  They have taken their music in highly unaccustomed directions with a project underway right now which is exploring the Middle East and North African uprising as a theme.  Realscapes is produced by the band themselves and is advertised as music intertwined with conversations and African percussion. This highly progressive musical direction is atypical for many current sounds out there but seems to give Eromnim3 an edge right off the bat.

The first thing advised to me about this album is that it is best played in the dark.  Highly unusual for the most normal album specification, but upon playing these tracks first time, you immediately see why. "The New Libyan"  starts the album off with a dark edge, with a heavy focus on the bass line to achieve this. A heavy use of eclectic and non musical sounds throughout the first song alongside a subtle base around African percussion means that the album hits off with a remarkable unconventionality.

It's exactly this sound that tends to allow the album to fall away into the background and through the everyday sounds it speaks volumes emotionally. Using non-musical sounds, it speaks to a dark menacing nature primarily, keeping you right on the edge as the album progresses. Adding into that a percussive undertone that adds an almost gamelan feel to the records.  
There's a lot of negative but mystical air to the tracks with only a slight focus on tuned instruments, mainly from the bass and the guitar riffs. With this in mind, you would be forgiven in a level of skepticism with regards to level  that album could actually speak to you. Despite this, it is managed effectively, through the layers of musical and non musical sound build around each other to provide what can only be described as a listening experience.

With this in mind, it is worth noting that this album is not full of the kind of music you would be able to listen to easily on an mp3, perhaps en route to work.  However, it is clear that was never Eromnim3's intention. In addition to darkness, the best way to enjoy this music would be as a movie soundtrack or in the backdrop of a photography art project. Its inherent sense of bringing out feelings would be ideal in addition to an emotionally charged scene.

The most unusual song of this album is "In the Realworld (A Conversation With Bernard).  With conversations layered over drums and electronic sounds and motions, it signifies a great idea in theory but placed in among these songs its innovation is largely lost.

All in all, this is a collection of "soundscapes" that Eromnim3 have produced here are not part of the easy-listening category. However they push a boundary of music that takes them into a realm of their own.  An electric, atonal, psychedelic burst of sounds and feelings, Realscapes would be the perfect addition to any musical experience.