"..the way you do what you do is wonderful"

It's always uplifting to get a good comment about anything, but for Eromnim3, it is always hard to get any comment about our soundscapes. They have always produced moments of surprise and wonder, as most people do not seem to expect the soundscapes that we produce. 

They are for the most speechless.

It is heart-warming then to get Someone to say some nice words about our music, and by Someone I mean someone with a width and breadth of musical experience. Someone who speaks the truth. Someone who knows what he is taking about.

Singer songwriter, singer, songwriter and BBC Radio 6 Music DJ, Tom Robinson,  as well as kindly selecting Eromnim3 for his Saturday night show, with our track 4 AM in Vegas, has also commented on our track for the 48 Hr Film Project that we undertook in 2011, called Old Souls Never Die.