Visuals have always been an important medium to convey the unique soundscape of Eromnim3. 
Below is a selection of these visuals >>>

<><><> NARNINE DA DINA <><><>

Taken from Visited By Gods (Epoch 4 Future Past). this video pulls together all the aspects of the 4 albums. If you only have time to watch one video, then watch this one.


<><><> CYCLIC HISTORY <><><>
Video created for a track from Visited By Gods (Epoch 3 Contact + Disclosure). We hope it takes you on a journey and makes you think about the past, present and future. 


A little taste of the soundscapes on the August 2022 release. 

<><><> DM4...CYBERWAR1...8200 <><><>

This is the 2nd release from the 2021 album DarkMaschina.


This is the initial release from the 2021 album DarkMaschina.

<><><> LEAP (59/366) <><><>

<><><> 7 YEARS GONE <><><>

Track from UVB76. RIP Mick.

<><><> CEDAR CITY PART 2 <><><> 

Track from Realscapes.
The video was filmed in Realworld Recording Studio, owned by Peter Gabriel. 

<><><> DOCUMENTARY <><><>
Documentary about Eromnim3 filmed in 2011 by Rampant Film Production.

<><><> INDIAN OCEAN <><><>

Beautiful animation for Indian Ocean, inspired by ‘Life of Pi’, the fantasy novel by Yann Martel. Animation talent of 
John A Ferguson (Rampant Film Production).

<><><> 4AM IN VEGAS <><><>

Enjoy 4am in Vegas from the comfort of your own mind.

<><><> THE NEW LYBIAN <><><>

Video created for The New Lybian.