EROMNIM3 - Im Schatten Von Schwert und Schild - NEW RELEASE

Artist Info

Aim: to create soundscapes for all dreamers
Label: self-released
Genre: soundscapes, electronic, ambient
Location: Scotland
Influences: Japan and all ex-members, David Torn, Mark Isham, Peter Gabriel, The Blue Nile, Prince, Jimi Hendrix
Sounds like: the ever evolving soundtrack of your most vivid darkened dreams


Eromnim3 is a Scottish band featuring the talents of Frank J McDade, John P Boyle and Stuart McDonald. Frank and John originally formed Eromnim3 in 2010, but have been creating soundscapes together since the 80s.

After a chance meet at an electronic music festival in 2017, Stuart appeared as a guest musician for their 2018 release, UVB76. Although missing from the 2019 release, Continents-1, Stuart joined the band as a full member since their 2020 release, Leap (59/366).

The debut album, Realscapes, was partially recorded within Peter Gabriel's Realworld studio in Bath and concluded within the band's studio called 'The Texture Tank'.

Following the release of Realscapes, greatly respected musician and BBC Radio 6 Music DJ, Tom Robinson, selected one of its tracks, 4 am in Vegas, to play on his Saturday night show, calling it a '..stunning atmospheric track..' Tom also commented 'Love your work...the way you do what you do is wonderful'.


Drawing inspiration from the tumultuous history of East Germany and the pervasive influence of the Stasi, Eromnim3 has crafted a sonic journey that immerses audiences in the complex emotions of the era. Each track serves as a window into a different aspect of life under surveillance, with layers of instrumentation creating a captivating sonic landscape.

From the melancholic echoes of "Invalidenstrasse" to the haunting pulse of "Futurestrasse", Eromnim3 masterfully weaves together elements of electronic, ambient, and experimental music to evoke a sense of unease and curiosity. 

The album’s title, Im Schatten Von Schwert und Schild (In the Shadow of the Sword and Shield), hints at the thematic depth and emotional resonance that await listeners.

All self-released albums are available via Bandcamp.

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