New Album: DarkMaschina

Following on from last years lockdown album Leap (59/366) Eromnim3 are back ..... and it is with great pleasure that we can announce the release of our new album DarkMaschina.

The album delves into a world of the future. 

Exploring nearfuture, futuregazing, futuretelling and futurefear. The tracks lift the veil to expose the dark maschines driving us to that ominous place. 

 Our new 13 track album was written, recorded and mixed during lockdown, with ideas being created and shared via technology. 

Let these soundscapes take you on another journey to places yet undiscovered.... 

Strap on your close listening devices and visual oculars and join us. 

We hope no sentinels or futuregazers were harmed in the making of this album.

As with all of our previous albums, it is best enjoyed in a darkened room.

Available now via our bandcamp page or click here